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1 Year Limited Warranty

10.x Manual

2017 Celent Report

Ascent Series

Ascent Series - AM1

Ascent Series - Note Deposit and Validating Unit

Autobank CX Series - CXC3121

Autobank CX Series - CXMS2513

B1310 Spec Sheet - Single Door, Small Footprint

B1414S Spec Sheet

B1414S Spec Sheet - Compact Single Door Drop Slot Safe

B1519S Spec Sheet - Compact, Single Door, Deposit Slot Safe

B2020S Spec Sheet

B3018IC Spec Sheet - Single Door, Inner Compartment Safe

B4624IC Spec Sheet - Single Door Drop Slot Safe

BSD Series - Intelligent Manual Drop Safe

Can I have a different lock than what is in the picture?

You can choose which lock that you would like for each safe on the product guide. 

Can my safe be installed while my site is under construction?

Yes, however, the floor, walls, electric and network must be in place. Additionally the parking lot must be paved and path to where unit will go must be clear.

Cash Management Safe Warranty

Cash Recycler Brochure

Cashing in on Cash Management

Commercial Safe Warranty

CS2820 Spech Sheet - 2 Drawer, 3 Deposit Slot Safe

D8 Series - Dispensing Drop Safes

Deposit Safe with Inner Compartment - BD2020WDIC

Do you have cash management safes?

You can contact our sales team and they would be happy to help you with this.We have several options that are available here. (hyperlink to smart safes)  

Do you have drop safes?

You can contact our sales team and they would be happy to help you with this. We have many options for this.

Do you offer international service?

Yes, we do, for more information call (866) 507-0279.

Does FireKing perform multi-site installations?

Yes, we recommend early planning and coordination with your operations team and our implementation team to ensure all special considerations are coordinated appropriately.

Does the solution offer the ability to create device location specific (or grouped) messaging to display immediate notification/bulletin for end user messaging? If so, please explain the functionality.

Yes, the safe level software includes a scrolling message center that is used for status, event notifications and messaging. This is located at the bottom of the touchscreen and is available at all times.

Dual Compartment Drop Safe

Fire + Burglary Safe Warranty

Fire and Water Resistant Safes

FireKing Cash Management Solutions Catalog

FireKing Cash Recycling Solution

FireKing Catalog Specifications

FireKing Jacobi's Food Mart Video

FireKing Continues to Transform Jacobi's Food Mart

FireKing Security Composite Safes

FireKing Security Group Offers New Integrated Cash Recycler

cash recycler

FireKing's Under-the-Counter Cash Recycler

Frequently Asked Questions (SV2)

Gold-Service Plan

How do back office users access the software solution?

Full remote management via a web browser using a secure connection and login credentials. Capabilities include configuration changes, software revision and a robust business intelligence reporting platform (cash and activity level reporting).

How do I find basic safe instructions?

See our website or call our Service department for assistance at (800) 342-3033.

Frazier Museum Video Thumbnail Image

How FireKing Helps the Frazier Museum

How is physical hardware/software maintenance performed (at device)?

Software maintenance is performed remotely via web services. Hardware maintenance can be accomplished through the dispatch of our Field Service Technicians. Reliability is enhanced by our ability to perform predictive maintenance based on metrics kept by the system.

How it's made thumbnail

How it's Made: FireKing Safes

How long does it take to get an intelligent safe, delivered and installed?

Approximately six weeks typically from the time your order is submitted and depending on stock levels.

How long does it take to have a traditional safe delivered and installed?

Between two and four weeks typically from the time your order is submitted and depending on stock levels.