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2 Hour Fire + Burglary Safes

Most burglars are looking for a fast snatch and grab. A roadblock to a quick getaway adds a significant layer of defense against a robbery. Fire and burglary safes from FireKing Security Group are designed to protect against burglary by making it harder for a thief to access your possessions.

Yet preventing theft alone is not sufficient. That is why FireKing Security Group stocks not just burglary safes, but fire burglary safes. These safes are rated to withstand 1700 degree fire temperatures for up to 2 hours, providing a layer of protection against another risk to your home or business. Fire-rated burglary safes are the ultimate in defense for your sensitive documents and items.

If you have reason to be extraordinarily serious about security for your home or business, our 2-Hour Fire and Burglary Safes are perfect for you. They are designed to offer superior fire and burglary protection, throwing that roadblock in the path of the thief to prevent a quick smash and grab while also preventing loss in the case of fire.

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