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Ascent - "Mini" Unit (AM1)

The Ascent Series AM1 bill validating safes can take your cash management process to the next level. With immediate view of cash activities across single or multiple locations, the ability to maximize cash flow and reduce cash shrinkage is greatly enhanced. The compact size allows the AM1 to be placed in locations where space is at a premium and still provide enough capacity to minimize the frequency of cash pickups.

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Secure Remote Management Capabilities

Ascent series bill validating cash management safes come with hardened appliance grade technology based on a solid-state architecture provides a robust, reliable and secure environment, with a read-only operating system eliminating the most common sources of failures in the field including disk drive failure, corruption of the operating system, and power interruption. All Ascent units can be controlled using the embedded touchpad display on the UNA-AT model or by a portable master control unit.

Innovative Cash Management Technology

The Ascent Series allows you to create the cash-handling and cash-reporting system that’s completely your own. Validate, secure, dispense, manage, and account for every transaction on any combination of devices you choose – while enjoying flexibility, security, technology, remote serviceability, and unparalleled quality. With FireKing, the options are limitless.

  • Expandable to meet all bill and coin cash-handling needs with devices that can be linked or stand-alone.
  • Up to five devices can be linked to a single control unit. Add more control units to expand your possibilities even further.
  • Network connectivity available via Ethernet or cellular modem. When connected, remote service monitoring of device and component health is available.
  • Email any report, in real-time, to as many recipients as you wish.
  • Hardened appliance-grade technology is based on solid state architecture and provides a robust, reliable, and secure environment. A read-only operating system eliminates the most common sources of failures in the field including disk drive failure, operating system corruption, and power interruption.

Enhanced Scalability

Remote Management



Innovative Features

Ascent "Mini" Unit - AM1
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  • Simple, intuitive, touch screen interface
  • Real-time web-based reporting
  • Complete remote management
  • Secure, reliable operating system
  • Plug and play installation
  • Solid state architecture
  • State-of-the-art encryption for secure communications
  • Single bill validator with 1200 or 2200 note capacity
  • Bulk note feed option available
  • Ability to clear bill jams without needing a service tech
  • Compact/space-saving design
  • External high speed thermal printer included
SM1 mini note unit
SM1 small cash validating safe
cash safe SM1
Ascent - "Mini" Unit (AM1)
[safes] Bill Validating
Ascent Series - AM1
Exterior Dimensions
10" (254 mm)
20.7" (526 mm)
22.5" (572 mm)
125 lbs (57 kg)
Drop Slot Dimensions
.375" (10 mm)
3" (76 mm)