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UL TL-15 Composite Burglary & Fire Safes

For those situations or assets that require an additional level of security, these special safes are made to go above and beyond. Plus, FireKIng's custom UL TL-15 safes are constructed of solid steel plate construction.

UL TL-30 Composite Burglary & Fire Safes

Protect your critical documents with FireKing Security Group's high-security UL-30 Burglary & Fire Safes, the next level of high-performance, low-maintenance asset protection. Available in a range of colors.

1 Hour Fire + Burglary Safes

Get the toughest security and most resilient asset protection with FireKing's 1 Hour Fire + Burglary Safes. Using today's most advanced technology, FireKing can offer these dual-labeled safes at an incredibly affordable price.

2 Hour Fire + Burglary Safes

Most burglars are looking for a fast take. That's why these fire and burglary safes are designed to make it harder for thieves to access your possessions quickly, all while protecting from fires with an extra layer of protection.

Fire + Burglary Safes

Our Composite Fire + Burglary Safes offer the same safeguard from theft, shrinkage and inefficient cash-handling practices, but are also specially constructed to withstand high-heat situations.

FireKing Composite Safes offer protection against burglary and fire are constructed of composite material encased in steel. These security containers are fire rated and feature a standard dial combination lock, but you may select various upgrade options, including electronic combination locks. This fireproof safe offers security for all your vital assets.