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The Ascent Series of cash management safes use the industry's leading technology to provide secure and reliable protection for your cash. In addition to storing cash, these cash management devices also validate and dispense the cash, as needed — providing your company with accurate, reliable accounting and accountability for your cash management needs.

While at their core Ascent cash management devices are safes, because they secure and protect the money they contain, they are so much more. These units control, capture and report transactions from all devices at your location, working as a single accounting unit to help you better manage the inflow of cash.

The Accent Series includes bill validating safes, as well as coin and note dispensing units, to ensure easy access to cash when you need it, with unparalleled security for the cash stored inside. Bill validating safes will validate the bills you store and prepare your cash for deposit, making it simple to count, report and deposit the money earned each day. Coin and note dispensing units make it easy to dispense cash to customers and clients, while carefully tracking and reporting each transaction for smooth cash flow operations.


Tube Dispensing Unit

FireKing's Summit-Tube Dispensing Units can be linked with bill validating safes to exceed all your cash management needs. This solution brings not only advanced tech to your table but also optimal cash handling capabilities.

Coin Dispensing Unit

FireKing's Ascent-Coin Dispensing Units are built on the most innovative, secure and reliable software platform in the industry. An icon-driven interface provides intuitive device control along with a sleek modular design.

Ascent - "Mini" Unit (AM1)

The compact and powerful cash management solution

Ascent - Dual Bill Validating With Touchpad (UNA-AT)

These bill validating safes are built on a truly innovative software platform. Take your operations to the next level with an icon-driven touchpad interface providing fill device-level control of deposit transactions and more.

Ascent - Dual Bill Validating Without Touchpad (UNA)

These dual bill validating safes come with an intuitive, icon-driven touchpad interface providing full device-level control of deposit transactions and reporting. Cash management has never been easier.